Looking after you

We are available for telephone support for all Velopex Equipment - regardless of age. We can help with any questions and can advise you on ways to clean and maintain your Velopex equipment. Our team of highly trained representatives is available to visit your premises along with your Dental Dealer representative to provide a demonstration of any Velopex product.

Installation Instructions
Download the PDF file and follow the simple instructions to install the Aquacut.

Daily Start-Up Routine
Steps to follow every morning to properly get your Aquacut up and running.

End-of-Day Routine
Steps to follow when you are finished with your Aquacut for the day.

Sylc Settings
The proper Sylc settings for the best results.

Sodium Bicarbonate Settings
The proper Sodium Bicarbonate settings for the best results.

Clear a Powder Clog
Steps to clear a powder blockage in your Aquacut machine.

Restore Water Flow
Follow the steps necessary to return water flow to your Aquacut.

Testing a Foot Pedal
Make sure your foot pedal is operating correctly by trying this simple test.

Check the Vibrator
Use these simple steps to make sure your Vibrator is working properly or not.

Handpiece Differences
A visual look at the differences between the older and newer style handpieces.

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