Looking after you

We are available for telephone support for all Velopex Equipment - regardless of age. We can help with any questions and can advise you on ways to clean and maintain your Velopex equipment. Our team of highly trained representatives is available to visit your premises along with your Dental Dealer representative to provide a demonstration of any Velopex product.

MK3 & MK4 Test Points
Technical test points to help you isolate your problem in your Intra-X or Extra-X.

MK4 Low Temp Light is ON
Instructions to reset the chemical thermal overload on a MK4 Intra-X or Extra-X / Xtender.

MK4 Intra-X Value Checks
Check your MK4 Intra-X components before installing a new circuit board.

MK4 Extra-X Value Checks
Check your MK4 Extra-X components before installing a new circuit board.

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