How to use the Vischeck Quality Control Reader
By using the Vischeck Reader you can analyze the quality of the film being processed by your film processor. The Vischeck Reader will tell you when your chemicals need changing, it will help identify possible chemical heating problems and it will detect fog on your film. Follow the instructions below to operate the Vischeck Reader.
  1. Press and hold the START button. The lights on the Vischeck Reader will turn on, one at a time, from the bottom most red light and travel up the Vischeck Reader until the top most green light turns on. At this point, the red light representing the X will turn on again. Both lights should be on at this time.
  2. Release your finger or thumb from the START button.
  3. Hold the processed Vischeck strip with the numbers reading from top to bottom.
  4. Insert the processed Vischeck strip into the Vischeck Reader while the top green light is still turned on. Insert it until the Vischeck strip stops naturally.
  1. The Vischeck Reader will indicate one of the following conditions:
    1.  greencheckmark          Ready for processing. Chemistry and processor are excellent.
    1.  yellowcheckmark           Good enough for processing. Chemicals will shortly need changing.
    1.  redx           Chemicals are exhausted. Change your chemicals.
  1. If you see the following indication along with one of the above indications:
      d.    redclouds         Your film is fogged. This can be due to high chemical 
                                               temperatures,  light leaks in your darkroom or daylight
                                               loader or your Vischeck strips are out of date.
The Vischeck Reader will indicate when the batteries are low, by a flashing LED, when the Vischeck Reader is turned on. The LED will flash for approximately 3 seconds. If this occurs, replace the two AAA batteries in the battery compartment.

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