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Air abrasion is definitely in our armamentarium at our office and helps in creating excellence in our restorations. Below are a few photos recently, within the past few weeks, in which I used it and documented it with photos.
Dr. Chad Perry DDS

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After reading Pasquale Venuti’s “The Zeroing In – TomorrowTooth Consensus”, This patient came to mind. By applying these principles and the teaching of David Clark, I wanted to share this unusual case. It is in progress – the final pic is immediate post-operative, and the patient is going back to the periodontist.
Dr. Arthur Volker

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“The Aquacut Quattro is versatile, yet specific. Powerful yet gentle. An amazing instrument - with a wide range of uses!”
Dr W. Williams

“The Aquacut Quattro is compact, with an excellent foot control - the helium is potentially very exciting!”
Dr S. Nicol
Dr. Doueck
"... I would go one step further and say the AquaCut is an alternative to the laser for prepping teeth for cavities with no shots and no drilling."
Dr. Doueck

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John Graeber

"Aquacut outperforms hard tissue lasers, and the objectionable mess has finally been engineered out"

"Aquacut represents all that minimally invasive techniques should be"
John Graeber, DMD

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Dr. David Ahearn

"Minimally invasive dentistry is the way of the future and the Velopex Aquacut Quattro  is an essential part of M.I.D. in our office. Fast, easy and extremely comfortable."
"I have used air abrasion for almost 2 decades. The Velopex Aquacut Quattro adds cutting capacity like no other. It is an essential part of our practice."
"Same day service is a significant part of our practice. The Aquacut Quattro is my favorite tool for conservative, no anesthesia preparations."
Perfect Smiles, Dr. David J. Ahearn

Mark Cannon DDS MS

"The Aquacut Quattro is an invaluable aid in the practice of Minimally Invasive Dentistry. The precise removal of defective tooth structure is essential in conservative dentistry and very beneficial to the patient. The patient comfort is unmatched by other means and the efficiency of fluid/air abrasion is legendary."
Mark Cannon DDS MS

"I know that regardless of how well teeth are cared for, it is often difficult to prevent cavities from developing in the deep pits and fissures often found on the chewing surfaces of newly erupted permanent molars. That is why I am a strong proponent of dental Sealants."
Dr. Jeffrey P. Heilig, D.M.D.

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"I would like to thank you for the assistance you provided today. I first spoke with a lovely lady in customer service (whose name escapes me, sorry) who put me in touch with John from tech support. He was very patient and informative in walking me through the steps to resolve my problem. I congratulate you for having the best customer service of any company I have ever had to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone at any time.

Hopefully, I won't have to call you again, but if I do, I am confident that I will be well taken care of.

Thank you once again!!!"
Julian Gershaw, DDS
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