Tooth Restoration Using The Aquacare and Sylc Powder

By Dr. Chad Perry, DDS


Air abrasion is definitely in our armamentarium at our office and helps in creating excellence in our restorations. Below are a few photos recently, within the past few weeks, in which I used it and documented it with photos.

1 Initial frontal view,. Patient was unhappy with the black triangle between #8 and 9 (11 and 12)
Prep refined with Aquacare utilizing Sylc Powder
Teeth 2
Initial Prep
Teeth 3
Cleaned with the Aquacare utilizing Sylc Powder
Teeth 4
Composite Restoration
5 Scope photo. Note the unusual position of the matrices, due to the overlapping of the teeth
Finished and Final Composite Restoration
Teeth 6
Veneer Preparations prior to Aquacare
7 Immediate result following gingivectomy of #8 (11). Needs some refinement, which will be addressed after discussion with the periodontist.
Veneer Preparations after Aquacare using Sylc Powder
8 Post-operative radiograph. Note the resultant contours from the matrices, as well as the palatal volume at #8 due to the unusual positioning of the teeth.
Veneer Preparations after Aquacare using Sylc Powder
Teeth 9
Final Seating of Veneers
Teeth 10
Final Seating of Veneers
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