Aquacut Quattro fluid abrasion unit in Tanzania

Mwanza, in Tanzania, is now firmly on the map as far as Fluid Abrasion is concerned!  Velopex have provided an Aquacut Quattro which has been installed at the busy Bridge2Aid Hope Dental Centre in Mwanza.

Dr Ian Wilson commented: “The Velopex Aquacut ''Quatro'' allows us to provide new opportunities in restorative treatments and stain removal. The way that this unit can remove stain is just mind blowingly good! See the before and after pictures!”.

The Velopex Aquacut Quattro contains two chambers, which can accommodate any combination of the 3 Cleaning and Treating  media available. The 53µ Treating powder allows the clinician to ablate hard tissue (Composite, enamel and dentine) creating a relatively rough surface – which is ideal for the latest bonding and restorative materials. The 29µ Treating powder gives the clinician a much smoother cut for finer work. For Cleaning, the Bicarbonate of Soda allows smoking stains to be removed as well as carious dentine. The combination of these powders, in a single unit, provides the modern dental practice with a unit that can cover a wide range of dental treatment applications. Dr Wilson is excited about this development: “With one piece of equipment we can clean, dry and polish or cut! It’s invaluable in the adhesive techniques we use.”.

This is all achieved using the unique Velopex ‘water curtain’ bringing a new dimension to the air abrasion concept. The clinicians and patients dislike of air abrasion being principally the mess associated with this technique. The Velopex Aquacut Quattro delivers a vanilla scented fluid along with the stream of air and particles thus allowing standard aspiration to cope with the emissions from the handpiece tip, whilst cutting faster with the ‘slurry’ created.

The Velopex Aquacut Quattro is very easy to operate with a user friendly system that is easy to navigate. The unit itself can fit neatly onto or into standard dental cabinets or on a trolley. The delivery system allows complete and free movement of the handpiece in Dr Wilson’s hand – allowing his patient's to settle back without the noise and vibrations of the conventional drills in other dental practices.

Patient feedback continues to be very positive with many patients commenting on the unit. The Aquacut had one lady patient saying: "It's wonderful not having the dental version of a road drill in your mouth when you need a filling!". Another delighted patient stated: "With this you don't feel much except a splash of water on your tooth. It's almost a pleasure coming here!".

For more information or to ask any questions, please contact:

Mark Chapman
Medivance Instruments Ltd
Barretts Green Road
NW10 7AP   

Tel 07734 044877

Bridge2Aid can be contacted via their web site:

Picture shows Dr Ian Wilson (Bridge2Aid) with the Aquacut treating a local patient

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