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  • Vischeck is an intelligent quality control system, designed to make x-ray film quality and film processor management simple and easy
  • Uses a pre-exposed x-ray film test strip to assess chemical condition and processor operation
  • Electronic reader simply indicates fault conditions
  • Shows when the processing chemicals require changing
  • Simple to use without special training
  • Helps avoid poor quality imaging and time-wasting and embarrassing retakes
  • An important contribution to good practice management

Vischeck is an intelligent quality control system, designed to make managing x-ray film quality and film processor management simple and easy.

The quality control challenge
For quality and consistency in film-based imaging, an x-ray film processor must be operating to its full potential.  Until now, the usual way of gauging the efficiency of a processor and the condition of its chemistry has been by subjective assessment of the processed films.  The difficulty of identifying problems such as exhausted chemicals or incorrect temperature etc. can lead to poor quality images of limited diagnostic value.

The Vischeck solution
The Vischeck quality control system transforms the management of processor condition and film quality.  A simple procedure, requiring no special training, provides an accurate indication of a processor’s status and its ability to deliver a satisfactory result.  It merely involves opening a Vischeck pre-exposed test strip in the processor’s daylight loader or in a darkroom, then feeding it into the processor in the same way as you would a normal x-ray film.  On completion of the processing cycle, the developed test strip is inserted into the electronic reader, and an indicator light signals whether the machine is currently able to process films to a high diagnostic standard.

Effective processing control  
Various fault conditions are highlighted via Vischeck.  The most common reason for poor quality x-ray films is exhausted chemistry, and Vischeck can show precisely when it is time for the chemicals to be changed.

The reader also detects fogging on the film base caused by over-long or unsuitable storage, helps identify temperature problems in the processor, and assists in determining whether x-ray problems are processor based, stem from the x-ray unit itself or are simply the result of film under- or over-exposure.

A valuable tool for good practice
The Vischeck system takes the guesswork out of imaging quality control, helps ensure that x-ray results are accurate every time and avoids the need for tiresome retakes, and is also available separately from your usual supplier.

Vischeck Quality Control System

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Vischeck Quality Control System
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