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Velopex x-ray processor chemicals are manufactured by Velopex under stringently controlled conditions.  These superior quality developers and fixers offer important benefits in terms of processing performance, chemical life and ease of use.  Recommended for use in all Velopex processors, they are also suitable for most other automatic x-ray film processing machines. 

• High quality Developer and Fixer produced by Velopex under controlled conditions
• Formulated for excellent results and long chemical life in Velopex processors
• Also suitable for most other automatic x-ray processing machines
• Available as Ready-to-Use solutions

Ready-to-Use Solutions

The Velopex Xtender provides (under normal use) an average of 3 months of film processing from one set of Developer and Fixer solutions. Packaged specially for the Xtender, each consists of 3 ½ gallons of developer and 3 ½ gallons of fixer in two boxes. Each box contains one 2 ½ gallon jug and a one gallon bottle of solution. The gallon bottles are for use in the machine while the 2 ½ gallon jug is for the exterior replenishing system.

For the Intra-X and Sprint processors, order the Velopex Ready-to-Use Developer and Fixer in ½ gallons – 3 developers and 3 fixer per case.

Velopex Chemicals offer a long shelf life, and may be used for manual replenishing or in an automatic replenisher.

Velopex Ready-to-Use Developer ensures:

• high quality processing in most modern processors without the need for gluteraldehyde hardener.
• excellent stability in part-filled bottles and in machines on standby
• compatibility with all screen and non-screen x-ray film types
• good resistance to background fogging at higher temperatures
• clean, clear radiographs through the minimising of black deposits

Velopex Ready-to-Use Fixer offers:

• rapid clearing time
• low levels of sulphur dioxide fumes and aluminium hardener

Processor Chemicals

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Processor Chemicals
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