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Quality x-ray film viewers to suit every professional need. Velopex viewing systems have been developed specifically for dental and veterinary applications. They offer levels of quality and performance superior to ordinary lightboxes, and provide the bright, uniform, glare-free illumination that enable details of potentially crucial diagnostic significance to be examined in comfort. Wide choice of sizes for wall mounting or free standing use. Uniform illumination for accurate examination of radiographs of all sizes. Hi-Lite Viewer comes with tracked magnifier.  Multiple Screen Super Viewers can be used for side-by-side comparison of radiographs and the Slim Line Viewers offer choice of mains or battery operation.
Velopex Hi-Lite Viewer

A slim lightbox for all dental film sizes from intra-oral to panoramic, with excellent illumination to the extreme edges of the viewing area.  Continuous film clips run along the top and bottom of the screen, and the standard tube is inexpensive and easy to change.  The Hi-Lite can be wall mounted or free standing, and is also ideal for recessing into cabinetry for a clear, streamlined look.  A tracked  magnifier is standard.


DIMENSIONS: (OVERALL) 327 x 210 x 60.5mm (12⅞” x 8⅜” x 2½”)
320 x 150mm
(12⅝” x 5⅞”)
FLUORESCENT TUBE: 300mm x 8w Daylight; electronic choke for instant illumination
CASE CONSTRUCTION: Neutral white plastic finish
WEIGHT: 1.13Kg (2.5 lbs)

Hi-Lite Viewers

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Hi-Lite Viewers
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